Our goal is to create robust sensor systems that can work under extreme conditions.

Together with our partners we are able to provide complete solutions.

These solutions involve software, hardware, signal processing, data analytics and more.

Our platform

In–house expertise and development of the underlying physics modeling, hardware design, data processing, data analysis, and data visualization, enables Equanostic to do complex projects fast and efficiently on its hardware and software platform.

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Pipeline Inspection

Precisely determine necessary intervention or verify new installations by use of multisensory inspection. Cracks, deformation, and corrosion are only a few of the defects the EQN pipeline inspection system can detect.

Patient Monitoring

The sensor technology can detect changes in the measurement parameters in a room with great accuracy. Signals from several sensors are integrated and sent to an app on staff’s hand-held devices. In the event of a significant change in breathing rate or restless motion, an alarm is triggered on the handheld device. When the alarm goes off, staff get the opportunity to assist the patient and prevent unwanted incidents.

Cased Hole Logging

Our processing is automated, removing human interpretation as much as possible. Futhermore, we have developed advanced machine learning techniques, which enable us to extract information relevant to micro annulus detection and include that in the final evaluation.

3D Radar Scanner

Our multipurpose 3D radar scanner device is based on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology.

Bespoke Applications

Equanostic is continually developing our platform and create new solutions, some that are specifically tailored for our clients and partners. Do you have any questions about our technology, want to cooperate with us, or just want to get in touch? We’d love to hear from you.

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