3D Radar Scanner

Our multipurpose 3D radar scanner device is based on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology.

Equipped with state of the art UWB impulse radars, the system is used to provide detailed mappings of the interior of walls and other constructions. The device is custom designed by our leading experts in radar technology, to map structures and very small objects, with a detection capability and a location accuracy that is currently not provided by commercial scanners on the market. The radar device is handheld and especially designed to be able to manoeuvre across surfaces.

It can also be mounted on a railing system that allows for remote steering and data acquisition. In this way, scanning across a surface can be performed with full control over the scanning pattern. Our multipurpose scanner package provides GPU based imaging in real time, with secure connection to our server software and user application, either by bluetooth or cable. The user application is simple to use, and provides many alternative processing techniques and image focusing capabilities, both for real time processing, but also for more extensive post processing.