Pipeline Inspection

Precisely determine necessary intervention or verify new installations by use of multisensory inspection. Cracks, deformation, and corrosion are only a few of the defects the EQN pipeline inspection system can detect.

The Equanostic radar and ultrasound sensors are specially designed based on experience gained in offshore well inspection. Finely tuned to the pipeline environment, and in combination with bespoke processing and analysis, they let you see beyond the surface.

The system resolution gives you detailed knowledge of the location and material condition for every inch of your pipe. This precision makes it possible to monitor weak points and predict the need for maintenance.

The Equanostic analysis algorithms automate the processing of sensor data, directly outputting a report which summarizes the pipeline condition and points out segments that require attention.

Key features:
  • Ultrasound sensor
  • Radar antenna
  • Camera
  • Self-contained sensor head
Critical measurements:
  • 195-284 mm pipe inner diameter (extendable on request)
  • 90 m range
The inspection system integrates seamlessly with Gemini VA, the market-leading solution for management and documentation of water and sewage networks by Volue.

Pipeline inspection data are represented by 2D and 3D plots in the Equanostic graphical user interface (GUI). The visualization gives access from top-level analysis results and all the way down to sensor data frame details. The corresponding camera stream is also available.

The GUI also serves as robot operator interface, controlling the robot motion in the pipe. Realtime robot operation signals are also available.

Robot Test Tank

The sensor capabilities are thoroughly tested for various pipe materials in our tank, both in water and air. In the tank, the robot is also subjected to relevant environmental conditions over time. New algorithms are validated on pipes with precisely known defects.


Integrate it with your solution

We continuously improve the pipeline inspection system. It can be integrated with your in-house solutions or even third-party software. Please let us know how we can make it the best inspection system for you.

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