About us

We create advanced sensor technology.

The combination of ultra-wideband (UWB) impulse radar and ultrasound allows us to observe and see through different kinds of materials with very high accuracy.

We develop solutions that can operate under extreme conditions such as high temperatures, pressure and vibrations.

Equanostic has expertise across the entire stack, both academically and commercially. We have expertise in antenna design, hardware design, signal processing, imaging, software design, machine learning and data visualization.

Expertise across the entire system gives us a competitive advantage in understanding the complexity and interplay between each subsystem. This enables us to create prototype solutions fast and reliably.

We do the whole stack, hardware and software. So we’re ahead of the game, helping our partners to stay in control and keeping the world safe.

Equanostic also has leading expertise in ultrasonic inspection of pipes and plates. Our understanding of the ultrasonic wave behavior allows us to accurately detect small cracks in pipes and assess the material behind pipes and plates.

Our Ecosystem

01. Customers

Customers secure a close interaction with market needs and initially achieve a reference market. They can be our partner’s customers or, in some cases, direct customers of Equanostic. Customer examples are infrastructure & construction owners and monitoring enterprises.

02. Partners

Partners make the value chain complete. They take care of sales, sensor deliveries, data services and customer support. Some partners also wish to integrate our sensor application or parts of it into their own product offering under their own brand.

03. Applications

Equanostic’s sensor applications solve needs that have not been previously solved and provide users with valuable insights and decision support. Examples include finding small micro annulus in concrete structures, dangerous cracks in pipes and small objects in different material structures.

04. Platform

The sensor and analysis platform is a foundation for developing different radar and ultrasonic sensor applications. It supports comprehensive reuse of modules by simple reconfiguration and minor modification.

05. Knowledge

The team has a wide range of knowledge and experience. This includes the state-of-the-art for radar and ultrasonic technology as well as expertise in hardware, firmware, software, data analysis and machine learning.

Our platform

At the core of our development process is our platform. Consisting of hardware components, signal processing modules, data analysis tools and common software architecture. We aim to re-use as much as possible across projects, allowing us to apply our expertise to new application areas and new problems as efficiently as possible.

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Sensor technology can be used for a wide range of problems. Together with our partners, we are developing solutions across many application areas, ensuring everything is as it should be in those critical and difficult to access places.

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Our team

Stig Støa PhD

CEO & Co-founder

Eirik Næss-Ulseth M.SC. MBA

Chairman & Co-founder

Bjørn Erik Nilsen M.SC.

Principle Software Engineer

Jenny-Ann Malmberg PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Tore Lie Sirevaag PhD

Adviser, Cased Hole Logging

Andreas Reason Dahl PhD Candid

Product Manager, Robotic inspection

Erlend Kvinge Jørgensen PhD

Product Manager, 3D Radar Scanner

Øyvind Hodneland M.SC.

Senior Design Engineer

Sander Bøe Thygesen PhD Candid

Research Fellow

Iver Andreas Yttervik

Computer Electronics Engineer

Jan Olav Solli M.Econ

Business Controller

Julien Fillebeen M.SC.

Senior Software Engineer

Philip Erik Buschmann PhD

Senior Research Engineer

Haneul Shin

Project Coordinator

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