Our platform

The core knowledge, expertise & technology from which multiple solutions are created

The Equanostic software platform is the core of our application development. It comprises the building blocks upon which our solutions are built, and empowers an agile realization of complex projects.

With our in-house expertise and knowledge of the underlying physics-modeling, hardware design, signal processing, and data analysis and visualization, these building blocks are carefully designed to support multiple different requirements and applications. We continuously develop and expand the Equanostic platform, providing a wide range of features across several solutions. Thus, we ensure that all our progress from research and development can be efficiently incorporated into our production platform, allowing for fast and efficient project turnover.

We use a modular approach to both our hardware and software. An interchangeable ultrasonic or electromagnetic sensor front-end is supported by our modular software back-end, capable of running as a local service or as a cloud service at scale with high reliability. The development of the Equanostics platform focuses directly on application specific challenges. Therefore, the platform can be customized to support new advanced applications and complex projects fast and efficiently. You can provide any sensor device with the capabilities of a supercomputer or monitor your sensors from anywhere in the world.

Our software solutions are developed with focus on performance and robustness. We carefully design our software architecture and select components with that focus in mind. C++ and GPU programming are at the core of our systems. Initial prototypes can be developed efficiently in python but linked to c++ libraries for improved performance.

By combining physics expertise with machine learning, Equanostic is able to build solutions that brings new light on various types of data compared to using traditional analysis techniques. Our machine learning and automated processing framework is optimized for all of the measurement data supported by the Equanostic platform. Whether the challenge is to analyze pipes from well bores, wastewater pipes, or scanning of surfaces, whether these are ultrasonic- or electromagnetic measurements, a simple configuration of our processing back-end is all it takes.

Our goal is to create robust sensor systems that can work under extreme conditions. Together with our partners we are able to provide complete solutions involving:


We develop software across the entire stack. This includes hardware interfaces, high-end embedded systems, cross platform applications, machine learning pipelines and visualization of data with 3D rendering and shaders. When designing software we focus on GPU programming, optimization, scalability and reliability.


We develop our own hardware which includes everything from broadband antennas and RF-modules to motor controller boards. We make sure every part of our design is optimized for the best possible interplay between each subsystem.

Signal Processing

Signal processing is an important element in many aspects of our daily work and our team are experienced with SAR, doppler and image processing, as well as inertial measurement processing, filtering and optimization. Our team has leading expertise both within impulse radar and ultrasonic signal processing, making pulsed and broadband signal processing one of our specialties.

Data Analysis

Our understanding in the radar and ultrasonic wave behavior allow us to analyse measurements in detail, and from advanced processing methods, we are capable of precisely calculating what is not visible to the eye. We utilize machine learning to automize and enhance our understanding of our sensor data and to analyse large and complex datasets from multiple sensors.


Our goal is to create robust sensor systems that can work under extreme conditions. Together with our partners we are able to provide complete solutions involving hardware, software, signal processing and data analytics.

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