Applications 1 October 2022

The Trygg Natt sensor system for monitoring patients at hospitals

The Acute Psychiatric Department and the Intervention Center at Oslo University Hospital addressed to us the need of simultaneously monitoring the respiration, movement and position of the patient on distances up to 5 meter in the patient room. We took up the challenge, and the result was the collaborative project Trygg Natt where we developed technology solving the need. The project was expanded with experts from the Neuro clinic at Oslo University Hospital and representatives from user councils to safeguard the patients’ perspective.

The sensor technology can detect changes in the measurement parameters in a room with great accuracy. Signals from several sensors are integrated and sent to an app on staff’s hand-held devices. In the event of a significant change in breathing rate or restless motion, an alarm is triggered on the handheld device. When the alarm goes off, staff get the opportunity to assist the patient and prevent unwanted incidents. The idea is that the patient can be left alone if they wish, but get the necessary help from staff if needed.

The sensor technology is based on ultra-wideband impulse radar. It is combined with complex digital signal processing to provide continuous and accurate information about the measurement parameters in real time. It also reduces sources of error and false measurements.


Article from Oslo University Hospital (in Norwegian)
Usynlig teknologi gjør natten tryggere


Article from TU technical magazine  (in Norwegian)

Vil overvåke pasienter med radar