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Oslo Pitch event 2024 hosted by The Nordic Tech Advocates

Posted on: May 29th, 2024 by eqEditor

Jenny-Ann as the CSO of Equanostic pitched and received much interest and positive feedback at the Oslo Pitch event 2024 hosted by The Nordic Tech Advocates.

We might have attracted the most attention of the companies not winning the ticket to pitch at the London Stock Exchange on June 13th. We did however get awarded a VIP ticket to London Tech Week for our pitch.



Pipe scanner demonstration at World Water Congress

Posted on: March 10th, 2022 by equaAdmin

The Equanostic pipe scanner will be showcased in Copenhagen 11-15 September 2022 at the International Water Association (IWA) World Water Congress & Exhibition.

Conference attendees will see a demo of continuous scanning and delivery of pipe condition data. The sensing and analysis techniques adapt Equanostic’s technology for offshore drilling well inspection to water pipes.

Apprenticeship enterprise approval

Posted on: February 3rd, 2022 by equaAdmin

The education agency of the City of Oslo approved Equanostic as an apprenticeship enterprise for computer electronics engineers starting March 2022. The first candidate has signed his apprenticeship contract, starting fall 2022 and leading to a trade certificate after 18 months.

«The apprenticeship at Equanostic will be a unique opportunity to give my career an excellent start», says Iver Andreas Yttervik. He has been on vocational specialization at Equanostic one day per week the past year. Such placement is intended to familiarize students in upper secondary education with key work tasks of their chosen trade.
«This is a good way to identify and develop talent we need in our company», says Stig Støa, Equanostic CEO.

The computer electronics engineer vocation covers installation, operation, reparation, and maintenance of electronic systems. At Equanostic, Iver will gain in-depth knowledge and experience in planning, executing, and evaluating such activities. He will also be involved in system development. A trade test towards the end of the contract will certify the acquired skills.