Patient Monitoring

Sensor technology can be used for real-time monitoring of patient metrics such as breathing rate, movement and location within a room. Providing a safe and non-intrusive way to monitor patients that need special care.

Together with the Acute Psychiatric Department and the Intervention Center at Oslo University Hospital we worked on a collaborative project called Trygg Natt. This project utilized multiple radar sensors to simultaneously monitor the respiration, movement and position of the patient on distances up to 5 meter in the patient room.

The idea is that the patient can be safely left alone if they wish, but get the necessary help from staff if needed. For example, instead of making inspections throughout the night, which disturb the patients sleep, they can monitor the patients safely from a control room with alerts triggered if concerning changes in the patients breathing rate or sleep patterns occur.

Our prototype was successfully demonstrated onsite at the hospital during 2022 and the project has now moved in to a commercialization phase.